Laura Roth opens For Jim Nabors

Laura was personally chosen by Jim Nabors to open his east coast concert before four thousand people
at the Glens Falls, New York Civic Center. For this show, Laura appeared as Connie francis, Rita Hayworth, Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland....... let's face it folks-- costumes and comedy are challenging enough to coordinate, but it takes quite a voice to do the very different vocals of these four extraordinary women-- and laura does it every time!

In her one woman show, like the Nabors show,there must be a time lapse for her to change into the next character, wig to make-up to outfit to shoes, right? We timed the Nabors changes--they averaged about three minutes each! Amazingly, with the quick changes and running back and forth from her dressing area to her stage in the round, she still has the vocal control to go full strength on each song!